What is CPN

CPN Commercial Group is a boutique office specialising in commercial and industrial sales and leasing. It is conveniently located in Melbourne’s North-Western region within close proximity to all major commercial and industrial hubs in the immediate area.

The story begins in 1969, where Nick Daris commenced his love for real estate, servicing the Yarraville and surrounding areas through a company called Yarraville Real Estate, operating from a shop front on Ballarat Street.  In those days, and other operators with similar tenures will atest, real estate was far simpler, with most people relying on handshakes on weekends rather than signing documentation.  ‘Trust’ and ‘honesty’ were two very important assets Nick displayed during these simpler times and carried these attributes forward into today’s operation.

In 1972, he opened his first office in Footscray, under the name ND Williams & Associates, first in Barkly Street and then in Nicholson Street. He continued on his real estate journey, advising those who were willing to listen and helping others build stronger foundations in the industry.  His knowledge of the local area both in commercial and residential saw him gain more and more respect from his peers, all along keeping the core values in place.  He managed to build a successful business doing something he loved and it was this passion that encouraged him to continue to build. 

Nick took a leap of faith in 1986, and along with his wife Voula and other team members, expanded to the developing area of Maidstone.  It was a bold move from the times of Footscray and Yarraville, but Nick has a knack for seeing opportunity and understanding the market and Maidstone proved to be a very successful move, so much so, that not long after this, he opened a second office in Sunshine and at one stage boasted a staff number of nine people, specialising in all facets of real estate including the sale of businesses, something that separated him from many others. 

His son, Peter Daris, was always in awe of his father and showed a keen interest in the business from a very young age.  He jokingly remembers times Nick would bring him along to inspections as young as 8 years old and on one occasion, it was Peter’s young charm that encouraged the vendor to sell a property.  While these are pleasant, distant memories, it was in fact a platform for Peter to follow in his father’s footsteps and develop the same passion Nick developed all those years ago.  Peter worked with his parents informally during his teen years, working on balance sheets and banking, but it was in 1997, along with his sister Kaliopi, that he formally began his real estate journey.

In 2004, an opportunity was presented to the family which would involve a merger of the business and it was proven to be the turning point in the long journey.

Remembering their successes during the ND Williams era, Nick and Peter began to realise that there was little availability of a proven commercial agent in the suburbs.  Whilst some local agencies have built foundations in residential and offer a side product of commercial, it was Nick & Peter’s decision to focus entirely and exclusively in commercial but keep those two very important assets in place; trust and honesty.  It wasn’t too long after this that the concept of CPN Commercial Group (then known as CPN Real Estate Group) was created and realised in December 2006.

Today, CPN has built a strong foundation in the commercial real estate industry.  Whilst they are better known in the north-west, it is not uncommon for the company to receive requests from other regions which proves the brand is fast gaining recognition across Melbourne.  Nick and Peter have also built strong relationships with other firms who value their expertise and experience in the field of commercial and industrial real estate.

Our Services

Whether you are a small or large property investor, a buyer, a seller or a landlord with one or multiple properties, we can tailor our service to meet your specific needs.

We can provide advice and consultation on the following:


  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Business Broking
  • Land/Development sites
  • Offices
  • Investments
  • Retail
  • Buyers Agent

Leasing & Management

  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Retail
  • Offices
  • Portfolio Management
  • Retained Leasing Services
  • Commercial and Industrial property appraisals
  • Commercial and Retail lease preparation